Monday, June 23, 2008

Our jungle of tears

Told you it was the Amazon Jungle here.

Today has been a cry day. The kids have cried almost all day. Sometimes all as one, or individually, or...dually. No matter how you put it, crying children make you feel one of two things. Heartbroken or irritated. Today, well, I felt more irritation. We are all tired from camp and the tears went hand in hand with temper. Svea shed a few real ones when she received a swat for belting her brother in the head during one of them. Short lived, as I heard her giggling with Olivia when she wasn't even done serving her crib time yet. When Svea gets hysterical, Olivia cries sympathy tears for her. And when both girls cry, they squeal, and it hurts Hayden's ears, so he cries too. And then sometimes, I cry too. And then Ben calls, and decides to pretend his machine broke down so he can stay a bit longer in the bush to "fix" it.

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manda said...

ha. Broken machine. That's a good one.