Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dont push it when she is here.

I have no idea who, if anyone, reads my blog. But I am gonna go a little TMI here. I have the WORST cramps. How is it that I can get SO emotional on the days leading up to that nasty Aunt Flo and not clue in? How is it that BEN doesn't clue in? He calls me crazy. He might be right. But he experiences me completely different than I experience myself and I figure its HIS JOB to clue me in that she is obviously well on her way. Because I have to be honest here, I have three babies. I have no freaken brain. I need to buy shares in the post it notes company, because I practically need those things to remember when to go to the bathroom lately. Though, Aunt Flo has her own nasty little ways of reminding you without the need for any little yellow stickies. Either way, I feel like I could possibly bleed-to-death. Ooops. That tmi thing again. Sorry guys. I *ahem* got my tubes tied after Hayden and nothing has been the same since. Well, not only because of the tube tying I suppose. I mean, that has nothing to do with the fact that my boobs deflated. know when you have a party and you use the regular old latex balloons full of helium and they eventually start to shrink? Well, boobs do that too. And mine did. Oh yah, if I don't pay good money for a premium bra, the dang thing rides half way up and I get four boobs. Double. Just like the twins I guess. And I don't think tying my tubes has anything to do with the little world map I have going on on my lumpy tummy either. Or wait....the cellulite I am starting to notice creeping up on my thighs..or even better, the sag butt. OK, I am still pretty ok with my butt....BUT ( ironic) it IS starting to sag in the centre compared to the way it used to. Nothing is really in the right place anymore. None of that is my tubes. Nope. Its these dang kids. Why is it that the man gets off totally scott free (another LOL for those who know why that's ironic too) in that department? I mean, here are us moms, bagging out our bodies to give our husbands beautiful children, and we stress over how we look naked because we want to look good for THEM. But, who has the bigger gut out of me and Ben? Well its him, obviously. And his is (put on my best manly voice, not that hard for me though) "Bought and paid for". WHY is that so funny? Whatever. Men are from Uranus, Woman from Mars. That's my line and I am sticking to it. (making all those periods red, was really, really annoying. Period.)

I rode my horse tonight. He is a guy. Like a guys guy guy. He looks for ways to get out of work, fusses if you fart on him, and rides real well as long as he thinks its his own idea. He pees all over the place, gets a bit shy about doing it while you are looking at him, expects you to provide him with hand served meals and beverages, and whines about getting new shoes. Any woman would be in her glory to get new shoes every 5 weeks. If he doesn't feel well, he fusses about that too. He fakes a cough occasionally too, mostly to sort of make a point. Like when Ben says he is sick, he coughs immediately after. Its like...punctuation.

I got me my fishing licence today. Forecast for our fly in trip. Rain. Rain rain and more rain. Good thing I bought a rain jacket and overalls.

I better go Google landing a float plane during rain. That way I can ensure I will get a good sleep tonight.

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