Thursday, June 19, 2008

Margerita Mommas

I think its important for woman to have girlfriends. Even if you are married to the perfect man (ok, we all know he doesnt exist), you need a girl to truly understand mommyhood and its layers. So my girlfriend Christine and I take the occasional "Margerita Mommy" night. Wait till the kids pass out, pretend we never have heard of a thing called calories, and well, drink. Of course, like any other responsible mommy would, we only drink enough to get the warm and fuzzies (we do afterall, have to wake to our children), but we eat and we laugh and we talk smack (LOL) and watch movies. Chick flicks. Horrors. Whatever...since we usually forget to actually watch. But its great, and I had one last night, so I thought I would share.

We have had so much rain here, the grass is a mile long and saturated. Our lawn looks like the amazon jungle and Ben is paranoid to let me operate his lawn tractor for fear that I will find the rock garden out there and I dunno, eat his blades or something. Being that he only has the weekends off and we are proud cottage owners, our grass will apparently be knee length by the time it is cut. If the neighbours wine, too freaken bad (sorry mom). Ha. My mom is our only neighbour. We are bad neighbours actually. Our black lab (Ivan the Terrible) will not poop in our lawn. He goes to my moms lawn. Our sub pump hasnt stopped running in weeks, and it floods her yard. No matter to her, since she is always over here babysitting the grand children. Its a wonder she hasnt got call display yet. If I were her, I would have it and I would screen my calls. But my mother loves me and she is the very best grandmother around.

We won a fly in fishing trip through the newspaper that we are cashing in on next weekend. It is in Wabakimi, Armstrong. We fly out Sat. morning and return on Monday. I have always wanted to do a fly in trip, but I am truly scared to death about the float plane. So put in some extra prayers for us, we want lots of fish....and since they will only allow us to fly with 60 lbs of luggage each (bedding, food, clothes, bugspray, tackle and bait AND BOOZE), we will NEED the fish...because we have decided just to bring water and the stuff to cook the fish in. And beer. We can live without the rest of it.

Off to the lake.

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