Monday, October 22, 2007

Time to stop sucking.

Manda says I suck because I have posted 2 blogs in a year and I have decided she is right. So here I am.

I dont know what I was talking about in the last post when I said Olivia is calm and serene. Ha. She is "The Destroyer". She is sensitive and emotional and throws absolutely everything. Lately she is a nose picker to. Your nose, her nose, whomevers. She knows if she squeezes a nose, it will honk, so if she reaches for yours, you know your job. Her sister has started to walk. Sometimes Olivia sticks out a foot just in time as Svea walks by. I dont think its by accident either. Since Svea tends to torture Olivia by stealing her toys or holding her walker so she cant "walk", and Olivia has simply found a way to get her back.

Svea is one intellegent baby. Not to say that Olivia is not, of course....but Olivia is so busy grabbing stuff she shouldnt, she lacks in paying attention. Svea knows how to dissassemble things. Like the kitchen table. I noticed washers and nuts laying on the floor under the kitchen table several days in a row, which I was mystefied by. Turns out Svea has been standing under the table and working on removing them. And here I was wondering why my table was so wobbly. Daddy fixed it and its all good. But I wonder what is next? I notice her reaching for door handles now. Goody.

Till next time...