Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hayden and his stinky sisters.

Hayden rolled over on Tuesday night for the first time. He discovered this new trick at 4:12 am and trying to get him to stay on his belly (yes, he is a tummy sleeper) after this was like trying to hold a weeble soon as you let it go, it flips right back. And that is what he did. We played the weeble game last night too, only at 3:30 am. Right after our 1:50 am wake up call from Olivia (who lost her boken doo doo) and our 2:45 am wake up call from both the girls who were standing in their cribs in deep conversation with one another.

Hayden gets this certain look on his face when he is pooping. And if you don't catch that, you will notice his grunting (you can hear Ben make the exact same pooping noise if you are anywhere near the washroom while he is making one). I am sharing, because Hayden is making one right now. And guess what? The girls are napping and the wipes are in Olivia's room.

Speaking of stinkies, I am a bad mom. I hold my nose and go "Eeeewwwwy, STINKY!" when I change the girls stinkies. Then I talk about how pretty soon, we are gonna start going caca in the potty. Now every time the girls notice me changing a stinky diaper, they very clearly state "Ewwwwwwy! StINkY!". Its hilarious and I laugh and it encourages them.

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Liisa said...

LOL Kaija... You are too funny!!! I killed myself reading this.. because I could picture your faces all at the same time... and hear you snorting at your own naughtiness... haha... LOVE YOU ALL!!!!