Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sex in the float plane

I just came back from The Sex in the City movie. I never watched it on tv, but I quite enjoyed it in the theatre. I am so terrible with names...but who cares, I just really connected with the lady who loved umm...coloring. She was awesome. And I must say that I am pretty sure Ben and I dont stay in the lines either. Did I just say that? Ok, yah maybe we do. See, now you are no more educated on my personal life than when we started. The movie was good even for person who was not a fan of the show. Sarah Jessica Parker is THAT good. I even wanted to bawl a couple of times (though that is becoming easier and easier to do, as of late).

So, I was chatting with a friend on facebook the other day who has been on fly in fishing trips, and therefore, float planes and asked her how the landing feels. She didn't respond until later in the day. Being the freaky gal I am, I googled it.

Most plane crashes in float planes happen on the landing (or, lets say, attempted landing). They hit the water too hard, bounce, flip and sink. The doors on float planes, as it turns out, are notoriously difficult to open from the inside once sinking in water. So, if you are a survivor at this point, there is a great likely hood of expiring when you drown with the sinking plane.

Then Jen responded

"The small planes are a little sketchy but the view is one of a kind....you might shit ur pants on the landing.....depends on the pilot LOL"


So I was exhausted at bedtime last night. In fact, I don't think my head even brushed my pillow and I was already out. But I did wake with a start at 5:00 am when this comment suddenly ran through my head like a little lightening strike banner.

Why am I so paranoid?

Its the kids. I swear it. The late Dr. Holloway told me while listening to the twins heartbeats on the Doppler (which he said reminded him of ponies galloping, I always thought that was such a cute comment) that I "will never be the same again". He was referring to how my life would change because of those ponies. I mean kids. And he was right. He pissed me off, Dr. Holloway, but all the way until I had my Cholestasis, I loved him. And if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have my girls. So, thank you, Dr. Holloway, you changed my life and I am very thankful.

Hayden slept like a charm last night. He was held and cuddled all day and barely made a peep. The girls were champs today and I got out not once, but TWICE without them for a few hours.

I got most of my shopping done for our trip. Didn't take much. Some spices and potatoes. Soap and shampoo. Bug dope. Tranquilizers.

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