Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cabin fever?

We made it to the lake two weekends in a row. I cant tell you how I love going to the lake. 4 days at home, 3 at the lake, impossible for life to get boring, and the kids LOVE it. I forgot my camera and would have stoned myself for it, only I dont like pain. But really, it was very frustrating. The girls got a new swingset with a slide. We replaced the swings with toddler ones and only wish we had gotten a set with room for 3 swings, because Hayden, as it turns out loves the bigger cooler outdoor version of a swing (even if he does scream in indignation and resentment if you put him in one of those very cool infant ones I have in my home)...... well, if I interpreted the squealing and giggling correctly, that is. Dang, I wish I had brought a camera along. They sure loved the water. This weekend the kids only stood in it with me, kicking and splashing and touching the sand with their little hands. We talked about the ducks on the water (Svea shouted "Duck Water!! Duck Water!! and pointed all weekend), we watched a beautiful storm from the kitchen window, went on family quad rides (at 11 kms/hour, dont worry), and of course, enjoyed the sauna.

Ben cried over the tip of his fishing rod I broke trying to free my purse (he did fail to mention there was a fishing rod crammed under the back seat of my truck). We did some more conversing and planning for our trip coming up. We decided to bring a small amount of drinking water and some potatoes as well as our beer and sleeping bags.

Oh yes, and Hayden completely wrecked Andrews Birthday party when he cried for nearly 3 hours straight. Eventually I gave up and packed up my brood to allow the rest of the party to enjoy some silence and birthday cake. At this moment, he is alseep. Was it the tylenol or the ambien? Your guess.


(they dont give ambien quite so freely here in Canada)


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