Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dummy doo doo

Thats what their Nanna calls their soothers. At first, I really thought it was a silly name for a soother, but with time, I have decided she was on to something.

The girls have only really ever used pacifiers while in their cribs at bedtime (well, once we got past the first year anyway), but lately I have noticed Svea has become almost obsessive about them. Yesterday she crossed the line to clinically insane when she became absolutely hysterical when she found a door dividing herself and her soother. I decided then and there that I was only going to have "Boken" soothers in the house after that. I "Boke" every soother with a pair of scissors I could get my hands on. Each desperate cry for a "doo doo" resulted in another "boken" one. Eventually she decided on one particular "boken doo doo" that she still enjoyed. Ugh. So, I feel like a real dummy when it comes to this "doo doo" thing. I figured I would see what tommorow brings before any further action. I took a very endearing video of her fit, but I cant figure out how to upload it.

This morning Olivia woke and we went through a very similar process.

Doubles. I have a feeling I will be experiencing dejavou every other day until the girls move out.

Hayden has been such a good boy this morning. Thought I would make note of that.

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