Friday, June 27, 2008

Family traits

Svea has this..."thing" about farting. If someone farts, she announces it matter of fact like. "Fot". And she looks at the offender with a certain twinkle in her eye. Ben got home early this morning. We are all hangin in the kitchen when I *ahem* pass a little gas. She looks right at Ben and says "Daddy.". LOL. A few minutes later, same thing, same response. She KNOWS already, that its ALWAYS the mans fault. This one is going to do me proud.

Any mom of toddlers has accepted that you no longer get privacy no matter what the reason. If I need to use the ladies room, I don't get the luxury of a closed bathroom door. What goes on behind them is much scarier than my kids seeing me doing my business. But I sure miss being able to sit down on the toilet without a toddler trying to peek between my legs to see whats going on in there. They are so OBVIOUS about it. Duck right down and stare open mouthed like. Or showering without a cool breeze because they insist in opening the shower door so they can watch me wash. I am now expected to do a play by play.."mommy is washing her hair! Ooohhh, now I am rinsing rinsing rinsing it all out. Time for shaving! In the armpits..." you get the picture. when I get out, they tell me about my body. They show me my bum, my boobies, my legs, my belly, its button, I try to dry off real quick like so I can cover up, but now the girls want the responsibility of drying me off. So I have to stand there shivering while they dry me from thigh down. And Svea gets pretty insulted if you go over what she has already done, so I try to be discreet about that.

Anyways, my new show jacket arrived and is at my moms office. Ben ran to town to get the booze for our trip this weekend (and a few other unimportant in comparison items like milk and water). I cant wait to see my new jacket and sure hope the 5 lbs I have put on from my beverage of choice while at camp does not cause any lumpiness or stretching. Thank goodness for spanx.

All the kids are asleep. I better grab a shower now unless I want an audience.

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