Monday, June 23, 2008

Strange kids.

I do find this online journalling (as I like to think of it) as strangely therapeutic. It seems funny on here. It didn't feel funny today. But at the end of the day, I look at my children, and they are, really....funny.

Svea is so proud to have her brother in her princess doll stroller. She wont figure out it wont move until a bit later (I had my foot on it, no way am I letting the speed demon with the nasty streak push my son around on ceramic tile in a princess stroller).

Hayden finds this to be particularly embarrassing. Notice the "are you serious?" expression on his face.

Svea is confused. Why wont this thing move? There has GOT to be a reason. I have some blurred shots of her frantically trying to shake the stroller loose from my toe grip. But I didn't share them just because I am feeling a bit obstinate.

Notice the girls have no shirts on. I recently made comment that my kids *NEVER* strip. I stand corrected. It started today. Hayden is the exception. He didn't undress himself, but he barfs with such great regularity that I am starting to wonder if maybe I should just leave him naked. Its easier to clean him up after all.

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