Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whats for dinner?

I was real fancy tonight and cooked up some frozen chicken nuggets and french fries. The girls like to dip their french fries in ketchup, so I squeezed out a large glop on each plate and began to dig into my own. Suddenly, Svea began this hoarse hollering, and I looked up to see her eyes glassy with tears and her entire hand scratching desperately at her tongue. She frantically pulled all food out with both hands and flung it back onto her plate with a very definite "HOT". I felt terrible...but honestly couldn't figure out how the food could possibly have been hot. Mine was perfect, and hers spent a few minutes cooling in the freezer before I served it. Either way, we carried on. I briefly wondered about the tang in my ketchup, but really didn't clue in completely until Svea began to scream and dig around in the back of her throat again. I handed her a facecloth, and she vigorously rubbed her tongue with it. I then handed her a paper towel for her hands, but that also served as a tongue rag, and she soaked up any remaining spit in her mouth with that paper towel. So I looked over and noticed the ketchup bottle said....*ahem* "Hot & Spicy". Yah......ummm....who bought that? Once I managed to stop choking on my food through my hysterical giggles, I wiped away the rest of Svea's "hot" ketchup and gave her some of the nice normal kind.

I have been terrible at posting lately. I wont even make any excuses.

Tomorrow I get to go to work and supply for one of the few woman I know without question, that I quite dislike. I didn't know who I was accepting shifts for until after I agreed. At least I don't have to work with her. LOL. My cup is half full today.

The other half is full of grumpy man. He walked in the door after spending the day puttering about outdoors to announce in a bossy voice, "Whats for dinner?". Way to irritate my feminist side. That's OK, I work Wed, Thurs, Fri this week. Hope he enjoys his role as Mr. Mom.

Olivia is a naughty little turkey. She is one of those ones that does something she knows is "bad" and then covers her bum and scoots. Or if you tell her not to do something (like throw the pot into the sink full of glasses and plates), she does it faster, ie) RUNS and THROWS the pot and effectively smashes all the dishes in the sink. She attempts to drown her brother, shove her brother, kick her brother in the head, and almost continually yells "NO BABY NO" at him. She goes from one thing to the next, smearing charcoal pieces from the wood stove, ripping open boxed Christmas presents, mounting her brother,climbing under the railing to get upstairs, closing every bedroom door (they must stay open if we hope for them to be heated, since we use our wood stove continually), to getting her hand stuck in the water cooler bottles. You must always pay attention and need not bother to attempt to sit down, because between the catastrophes she creates wiping all the books off the shelves and the constant requests (followed by ear piercing shrieking) for juice, cookies, bananas, "zip zips" (dry fruit loops), and yogurt, you have no time to anyways. The ONLY way I can reliably get 5 minutes, is to turn the TV on, in which case she immediately zones out all further communication with mankind and stands staring, open mouthed at the TV.

Dang, gotta run, all three are screaming. Maybe I will make it back to update further....hopefully this month......ohoh.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

EyeCandy Workshop assignment. 6 locations. Same subject. Oh well, I got 5. Good enough.

So, if you only ever had to photograph the most beautiful and willing models on the most beautiful days, with the perfect amount of light, and a beautiful backdrop, life would be good. This assignment was to help you learn to work in different settings. I chose my most willing model (but will admit to trapping him on a very tall chair to assist in his willingness).
I need to trap Olivia next. My beautiful princess with a distinct hereditary family trait stemming from both sides that has resulted in an unfortunate disregard for all things camera and photo related.

Our brother is the devil...and we have proof.

I am always saying Olivia cant stand her little brother. I don't know if you realize how bad it truly is. Just crawling near her gives him the satisfying response of listening to her screech (and I do mean screech) "BABY BABY!!". She will get wound up like she is ready to explode with distaste. If he even LOOKS at her sippy cup, she goes absolutely nuts. So, when I gave them their bag of mega blocks to build with, she was adamant, that her bratty little brother was not to be in on the action. He was so very tempted by all those colorful blocks, and made it in for his kill on several occasions, each crashed tower met with hysterical screaming, slapping, and sobbing. Obviously, I was of no help at all. I was too busy shaking and giggling and snorting while trying to adjust my settings on my camera so I could make it a permanent memory. She decided to take matters into her own hands. First, she tried to lift baby to move him away from her area. He was much too heavy (being less than 3 lbs lighter than his twin sisters even at 19 months their Jr). So she resorted to dragging him. And as you can tell, he took this very very seriously.
I think he is going to have a lot of fun with his sisters as they grow up, don't you?