Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What was I thinking?

I dunno. I like to refuse to let the world slow me down and to have at least a slight tendency to laugh in the face of adversity. Or it laughs at me. Probably a bit of both. I mean really, I have barely swung my leg over that beasts back over the last month and a half, just returned from a fly in fishing "Call of the wild" style trip, and have three little charges creating havoc in my home. Why wouldn't I decide to pack not only those three little angels, but also two horses into my new(er) 3 horse slant load weekender package edition trailer and head out of town for a horse show with no man to save me if I get a flat or...whatever...? We decided that although its great that the new horse trailer has a bed and a microwave, we simply don't feel ready to grin and bear the effects of an entire weekend of camping out in cramped quarters with three kids, so we are staying at a Best Western with a pool. There is a light at the end of the tunnel (Thanks, Val).

So you should see the trailer. Don't open the door I tell ya. Its packed with enough gear to take the Adams family on a week long cruise in the Caribbean (I think I am distantly related...can I come too?). And you know what? Two days aint enough time to get it done. I have the support of wonderful friends and family and I couldn't do these things without that help. Thank you Della for taking a layer off of Jag for me, Mom for being these kids backup mom, and Don for getting rid of the two week high pile of nasty stinky garbage from my garage. And thank you to Shelley, btw, for watching the rug rats so we could do that Call of the Wild vacation too!

Every once in awhile these kids take pity on me. I think last night was one of those nights. They all slept in until 9:00 this morning! Yay. I needed the sleep and finally got a good one last night.

I got so much done yesterday. All I gotta do today is pack all my normal clothes, the kids clothes, diapers, baby food, hats, sunblock, the rest of my horsey laundry, iron my English blouses, ride my horses, clip Fuji's back legs, tidy up the house, do several loads of laundry, squeeze in a shower, wash the truck and hook up the trailer. No problem. I got twice that done yesterday. Next weekend I am at camp with a beer in my hand, no Crown Royal or horses anywhere to be seen and I plan to spend the entire time in my bathing suit. If you want a piece of me, too bad. I am handing the kids over to my husband and playing dead beat mom for at least the entire weekend. Ha. I wish. But after 8 the world is mine. I love those mints and now I know why :)

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