Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Before I lay me down to sleep

I pray the lord my soul to keep.

Today was a trying day. Hayden screetched his little lungs out for the entire car ride to Old Navy and for at least half the time I was in there trying to buy him some sweaters (due to the cold nothern summer we are experiencing). People were shooting me those sympathetic looks and taking them back as I strolled by grumbling about my baby for sale...eventually he might UNDERSTAND when I threaten to take him to CAS, but right now he DOES NOT. So shuttup. I am a single parent to three kids two and under...gimme a break. I sometimes have to hold my pee till my body takes it back, eat once my body is turning salmon pink from starvation and shower while my kids point out my body parts with a cool breeze blowing on my...forget it. Its that silly tmi thing again. You get-my-point.

Supper time entailed Svea having a complete and total meltdown because my water glass was too tall. Yah, she couldnt reach the straw. The waitress was a pretty blond idiot and the meal sucked and she practically outwardly grimaced at my request for a shorter glass so Svea the Screamer would zip it and be able to drink out of a shorter cup.

The threshold between the mall hallway and the Childrens Place proved to be too much for the girls to handle and when the high pitched whining started to crack the glass, Grandma the Great rescued mommy and took the girls pinwheel shopping so I could find some much needed clothes for the screaming baby I happily left at Christines house who so gallantly offered to save his life by taking him off my hands. Figuratively speaking of course....the baby is the light of my life, but is completly and totally OBSESSED with me and cant handle me being out of his reach for longer than half of a second.

Grandma got the girls a potty today. One each. She spoils them and I am happy for it. Now, when they point out my body parts and talk about the potty while I pee, I can return the favour. I guess I better go get some pull ups. These potties SING when you pee in them. I am tempted to start using them myself. Only if someone else would clean them out though (Grandma??)

I should go to bed. Della told me why we use the term "I have to pee like a racehorse" but I dont remember already...LOL. Can you please remind me? Cuz I need to right now.

Gnitey everyone. Tommorow is a newwww day.

I love my kids AND my tied tubes :)

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