Monday, July 7, 2008

Mission Accomplished

The Vagina Monologue convo with Val (she's so bad)

oops same one

Liisa showing Jag in showmanship

Mom and I negotiated to make the Dryden QH Show about having fun. And we did. My darling sister arrived with Kaidi, Kathy, and Migwin and I felt like Dale Earnhardt Jr. with his entire pit crew.

We decided that the Jag actually performs BETTER if I just never bother to ride him with the exception of the week before the show. Or it could have been sheer exhaustion. He was for the most part, a very good boy. We won some ribbons and he outperformed himself, proving his ability to cross over from Mr. English since I am so tall to Mr. Western since I can move my legs so slow.

The kids were AMAZING. We brought an outdoor carpet along and it was almost as effective as electric fence (NOT that we have tried that) for keeping the kids inside its boundaries. The girls gleefully shouted HORSEY and whinnied, and Hayden sat in his excersaucer (drooling in only his diaper...) with a smile on his now TWO toothed little grin!

Val and I discussed the Vagina Monologues in great detail, we covered hedgehogs and undergarments, blisters and remedies, drank beer and just generally hung it all out. I mean for me, I genuinely mean, allll out. I think Melanie's dad was afraid to walk to her trailer as walking by mine was like some kind of strip show from Vegas with all the sequins, rhinestones, and leather flashing on over there (and supposedly, the umm...undergarment thing may have been at least slightly shocking as well). If so, ummm....seriously sorry over here. snort snort giggle giggle.

I am entirely exhausted. I had a great weekend. We won a couple of western pleasure classes, and took home some points in showmanship and hunter under saddle as well. I got no blisters, hangovers, or black eyes. Someone STOLE every dang thing I had in the barns when we went for dinner including my freaken wheelbarrow (who seriously steals wheelbarrows??).....without that little problem, it was a wonderful weekend.

Thanks guys :)

See you in Emo

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