Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh yes, and before I go to bed, I must introduce the Svea Pam Anderson show..

I swear, my MOM put these in her shirt. I admit to having a bit of a fantasy of having bigger, nicer, higher, and firmer breasts (just like Della's) but were we not just talking about how unrealistic some fakies can really look?

Svea had her own opinions about it.

WHAT are these?

Oh gawd...embarassing.
Please say no one is loooking.

"Ok, grow up. These
are dis-gus-ting. Ewww
just get-them-out."

"Goodbye Pam boobie
number one.."

"You are some freaky
kinda people."


swirlgirl said...

Svea makes your exact facial expressions and does your "I am sooooo disgusted" face especially well... :) LOL. Very cute!

(See? I made a Blogger...just for you...) <3

Kaija said...

You rock. I miss you and I love you too, Mailis :)