Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The girls have began to use the word NO.

This marks the passage from babyhood to toddler hood like nothing else.

Ben thinks its the most hilarious thing to ask them if they want to "go night night?" and they veryquickly state "No. No night night.". So he asks them that a hundred times a day. And each time they respond he laughs. They take him seriously each and every time.

Last week at camp it was clear that Olivia had a stinky in her diaper. So I asked her if she went ca ca. Her eyes got huge and round and almost double their regular size and she said "no. mmm mmmm.". How do you not laugh? I asked her if she was sure and she just as quickly said "no.". At least she was honest for the second question, lol.

Svea is the bossy sister. You can hear her from the next room, "No Via, NO!". Olivia pretends not to hear her. She bosses Ivan too. He actually listens.

Oh, and yesterday Hayden learned to blow bubbles instead of swallow his food. Of course, they must always learn the blow instead of swallow trick when eating something green. My little brother learned to do it while I fed him green beans, Hayden while I fed him green peas. He carried on this morning to blow his rice cereal all over me. Svea told him "Hayen NO!". He didn't listen.


candice_armitage said...

thank you for making me laugh hysterically every night.... if I could love those kids anymore this would probably do it! Funny funny girls!

Tash said...

Sound like a handful! Landen doesn't take advantage of the work no, and in fact asks for bed and nap!
Sooo cute!