Tuesday, July 15, 2008

By golly, its Polly under all that RAIN

We just came home from a week at our pretty new camp. We love it. Love it love it. The kids love it too. Unfortunately, this year it just rains, rains, rains and rains. So we are making the very best of the sunny (and not so sunny) moments as best we can.

This weekend we had a crew out. It was super fun playing trailer park boys. We balanced a rye and coke in one hand, the kids in the other, battled gusting awning rip off worthy winds, ignored the cats and dogs falling out of the sky and just had a blast, despite mother nature (whom I am pretty sure, has a real bad AF so far this summer. Period. Why complain? There were sunny moments, after all.

Summer always brings with it, some nostalgia...and I found myself remembering my cousin Mailis and I enjoying whatever weather was thrown at us at camp. Whats a little rain when you are playing in the water anyways right? The kids at our cottage this weekend had just that attitude. What weather? Straight from the Sauna to the lake. Like a little rain should even put a cloud over their sunny little world of rainbows and candy. I miss that. The difference was that those kids had on some clothes...I don't think Mailis and I bothered with those too much. After all, we do have some Finn blood coursing through our veins. Speaking of which, I showed off my heritage as Ben gasped and laughed out loud when I threw caution to the wind, ignored the fact that we are sadly short on tree coverage on one side of our property, and did the real Finn Sauna lake run. I was super modest about it though. I ran WITH a towel on from sauna to lake, dropped the offending towel and ran on in, jiggly butt bared to all who happened to be watching and had my skinny dip. The frontal view was likely more shocking than the rear view, being that the front bears the oranges in socks, world map, and newly acquired summer time beer belly. But you know what? Suck it up buttercup. Its my camp and I will swim naked if I want to.

On a different note, Ben and I got the super best deal on some old playground equipment that we plan to pick up in a few weeks and set up at camp. The good old stuff. Like the kind we all used to play on as kids. Cant wait to get it!

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