Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My baby boy

Our little man Hayden has not been an easy baby so far for us. He required bi weekly ultrasounds, weekly blood work, an early delivery, and spent his first 11 days very jaundiced in the NICU. But he has been very worth all of it.
He demands all attention in the room be on him at all times. For his first 4 months, he screamed pretty much all day long. If we wasn't sleeping, eating, or barfing, he was crying. Funny thing is you could always trick the cute little bugger into smiling long enough for a photo, so that people were convinced I just whine a lot. Just ask my mom about him. Between shuddering, she will support my claims.
Last few months have gotten a bit better. He is like a water fountain of baby barf, eternally nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt. The kid can curve barf. If you hold a receiving blanket close to his face, he can arc around the rag and nail you. And if he is particular about it, he can hit you with enough force that it will leak off your now soiled shirt and surely, soil your pants too. I keep cotton candy perfume in my truck as an attempt to mask the smell of baby puke I most certainly have on me.
But I have to give it to him, this kid is cute. He loves his mommy and can contort his body into almost any position in order to get a better look at me (as well as confirm that I am still in the room). He wants to be no more than an arm length away and has no qualms about using a very unpleasant screeching to ensure his world is as he wants it. Other woman can temporarily sedate him, but he really wants to nestle into his own mommies boosum. Suck my neck, yank my necklace, barf in my hair. He is all smiles for his mom. And I truly and genuinely TRY to hate that because it is a huge giant pain in my ass, but how can any woman refuse a male specimen with eyes and lips like that who genuinely has eyes for only herself. So give me some room to whine, but God, I love this kid :)

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candice_armitage said...

look at those eyes.... they've got heart breaker written all over them!