Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Polly Lake Vintage Playground. Come on out. Its permanent.

I am not feeling particularly inspired to write tonight. So bear with me while I think of something to say...

Well, I suppose I could share our new Polly Lake Vintage Playground with you. We found this stuff from a fellow cottage owner who's grand babies had outgrown the desire to play on a playground and scooped it up before any neighbours even knew it was for sale. And the kids love it, and so does Ben.

It does needs some prettifying. We cant even decide what all of the animals are on the one piece....we have one that looks like an odd mixture between a cow and a pig, one that looks like a creepy eyeless ghost animal ( I think I may attempt to make it look like a horse...), an ugly dug, and an elephant. The entire unit spins around, and/or you can make it bounce. Its fun for the adults too. Trust me, we tried it and its a blast. Right next to riding the seadoo. Seriously. Either way, the girls scream "horsey" and run for it when they see it. If you ask them if they want down, they quickly shake their heads and say "Nooo". Olivia already has that "duuuuhhhh, as if we would want down" tone it her voice for accentuation. Makes you laugh, so we ask them often.

Hayden loves the family quad rides...either that or he thinks they are very boring. He lasts about 12 minutes in and then passes out. Once he is out, you can do almost anything you want to him, and he aint comin to.

I stayed at camp by myself from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday morning. I had to actually HANDWASH baby clothes. I am posting the pic as proof that I did it. How ladylike of me, dontcha think?


candice_armitage said...

I am so coming to camp to play with your toys little cousins! Ha... I havent seen one of those spinny things in forever! YAY I am coming home in like 2 and a half weeks!!

Kaija said...

We look foward to your arrival. We miss our cousins! :(

I wish the world was closer together...either that or flights were cheap like...wait...nothing IS cheap anymore....lol. Cheap like umm....bananas..cuz bananas ARE pretty cheap.

Patrizzia said...

I just love the photo of the laundry drying in the warm summer air. It's just reminds me of my childhood.

You have the most beautiful children!