Thursday, July 17, 2008

Potty talk

Gramma bought the girls a potty each yesterday. These ones are super cool because if you manage to get something in the potty, it sings you a lovely tune, a "reward", the box says. I didn't install that particular feature yet, as I thought it would be good just to let the girls see the potties, touch them, play with them, basically familiarize themselves with them. I have talked about potties with them a bit, and they happily sat on their potties fully clothed and had some mommy daughter potty talk while I did my own business on the big girl potty (tmi.).

Anyways, sometimes, if we all need it, I find its easiest to just have a family bath. I get all the kids undressed, then myself, and we all climb in together. Turns out as I started to strip Hayden down that he was FINALLY successful in his mission to have a decent poop and I needed wipes. So I grabbed the wipes from his room next to the bathroom. Came back and one of the girls had pooped on the floor. So I cheerfully picked it up and put it in the potty and let the girls watch me flush it down.

Anyways, after the bath the girls wanted to play on their potties before I managed to dress them. Fine, play away, after all, this is all about getting comfortable with using the potties, right? I dress baby while the girls play and as I come out of Hayden's room with him in my arms I notice both the girls laying belly down on the tile floor licking some sort of fluid on the floor. Hmmmm.....wanna take a guess at what that certain fluid was? Yah...pee. I scoop the girls up and try to use words appropriate to a toddler to explain why it was not ok to drink pee...but they were so excited about the pee that they listened while spreading it around the floor with their hands. At this point I realize I really need to get the offending pee off the floor and run for a towel...the toddler talk apparently was not helping, at-all. As I run to get the towel, I hear a loud thump and the offended Octave Olivia shriek. Olivia now had slipped in the pee and was laying on her back in it, screaming her head off. This kid now has pee on the front from drinking it, on her arms and hands from playing with it, and on her back from laying in it.

Back to the tub. Straight to bed. I am exhausted. Thanks for listening.


manda said...

AHHHHHH hah. I'm not laughing at you. Well, yes, yes I am.

Kaija said...

of course you are not. lol. I am laughing. These kids are FUNNY.

candice_armitage said...

Wow.... my cousins are awesome... i dont even have to be there to teach them these things to gross out mommy with!