Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Via Psycho"

I posted this on the "due date club" I have been posting on since my pregnancy with the girls and wanted to share my evening with you without having to retype the entire thing. So for any of you ladies on JM, sorry for the repetitive nature of this story.

I use bad language. When I get mad, it takes all my energy not to blurt out the F word, oblivious to who may hear, or not. And really, if I am mad enough to start letting it fly, usually I, in the moment, dont care. I am not bragging, just letting you in on one of my baddest habits. I do, however, exercise my ability, daily, to use other words to describe things that drive me nuts. Unfortunately, these words are not always appropriate either. Case in point.....when Olivia has one of her crazed and hysterical meltdowns that involve high pitched at the top of her lungs break the sound barrier screaming, throwing of her body, punching the air with her little fists balled up so tight her knuckles have turned a dangerous shade of white, I commonly refer to her as "Psycho". And apparently, Svea has been taking note of this.

I dont know what provokes these attacks in Olivia. I rarely see the triggering event, so I am left to assume it was some very small thing that must have been the icing on the cake that sent her flying unceremoniously off the edge, but she had one of these very attacks this evening. I am by myself, completely for at least 15 days until Ben gets home. My moms evening help has been a thing of the past for months, as she has joined bi-weekly aquabics classes and usually has some sort of plans for the other nights with Christmas shopping and whatnot. Needless to say, my nerves are standing at attention, quivering on the brink of joining Britney Spears in an embarassingly public meltdown, but I have been bravely hanging on by one very shrayed thread. So as Olivia shreaked violently, shook the bars of her crib (yah, she was not IN her crib, by the way) angrily, threw herself down and shook her head like she was at an ACDC concert, Svea looked up at me wide eyed, humour twinkling in them, and because Olivia had attacked Hayden and he was now screaming in the background as well, proclaimed loudly, "Via psycho".

All in a days work. I laughed, snorted, gave Olivia her wish and "let" her go to bed early, picked up Svea, and walked out of Olivias room with a smile on my face, because at least I know one person in this house hold understands. Svea then asked to be let down, told me she was going to "choose a book" (where did she learn the word "choose" from anyways?), asked for her water, grabbed her "baby" and politely informed me that "Vaya" wanted to go "night night" too. Just wanted to share my evening laugh.

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Kristen said...

I get it Kaija. I have quite the trucker mouth myself...and it comes out in the most unfortunate times! My husband has the mouth of an angel...he apologizes to me if he ever slips...which is just about never!