Monday, December 1, 2008

I popped a balloon on Svea's head yesterday. We were at a birthday party for their 4 year old friend Amber and I had been showing her how if you rub a balloon on your noggin, the balloon would stick to the wall afterward. But she only got the balloon sticking to the wall part, so I was excitedly showing her the head rubbing part again, and well..umm...pushed a bit too hard. The loud pop on her head had her ducking frantically with her eyes squeezed tightly shut, and when she opened her eyes she sighed, "Oh no, oh no" and shook her head sadly at the broken bits of balloon pieces all over the floor. If I wasn't rolling around laughing so hard, I may have actually cried for her. She looked so genuinely sad. Thankfully, she got over it when she realized there were plenty more balloons.

Olivia took it upon herself to stomp on someones foot at the birthday party. She just walked right up to Crystal and stomped on her foot and walked away after. I have no idea what possessed her to do this, but she usually goes ahead and does whatever pops randomly into her head and I really cannot and do not take responsibility for it. Its all her. She may look like an angel, but...well....she is no angel.

The girls are saying so much now. Ben's mom Jeanette was having some difficulty figuring the remote out while Ben and I were away at the ACDC concert in Minneapolis and apparently Olivia learned a select new word to use in association with the remote....let me give you a hint. It started with an F and ended with a k. And it was said with a definite frustration and some punctuation on the end. We have been hiding the remote since.

I always thought TV and kids were a bad combination. And I still do. Only I have adjusted my belief around this to a certain extent. TREEHOUSE is a learning channel. My girls know colors, how to count to ten, know their "please" and "thank you"s and even say "I'm sorry". Obviously I encourage them to use these skills at home to, but I have to admit, I have noticed a huge increase in their language since they actually started to pay attention to what is going on on the boob tube, and I am suitably impressed.
A quick update on those who did not hear how the ACDC concert weekend went. It was great. I don't remember too much about it, but Ben claims all kinds of falseness, and I do know that a slippery bar table attacked me as I attempted to climb over it and I have all kinds of resulting bruising. In all kinds of places. ALL kinds. I was actually straddling over the table to make it to the bathroom (I was finding it too hard to have everyone in my row stand up so I could squeeze by them, so I was climbing over the bar table immediately behind us and on the same floor as the washroom) when I discovered some silly drunk had spilled their beer on the table, leaving it very very slippery. Enough said. I am still tender and treating myself with delicate care (read- Kaija is not riding horses lately).

Ben is driving me nuts and I genuinely hope he returns to work soon. Each morning and evening he goes out "hunting" in our back yard, only to return and claim he saw all kinds of wildlife, but couldn't decide if he should actually shoot or not. OK, Shit or get off the pot buddy. He has been hunting like this for weeks. He is dying to shoot something, but neither of us really like deer. Shoot a bird dammit. I don't even LIKE wild game (with the exception of bird...and bunnies, because I am sick like that).

Included is some recent photos of the rugrats. I need to go to bed.
Christmas is coming everyone! I am excited!!! Cant wait to see you Candi and Shelley!!! (and Denis and Bert and all the animal children, lol)

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