Friday, December 19, 2008


I was in the line up at Tim's drive through and all I could hear was the girls in the back seat, like broken records, repeating "Thank you, donut, thank you" in their tinker bell voices, so serious. Apparently they have it figured that a trip through the drive through at Tim's usually results in a donut. I actually had forgot to order them a donut and had to ask the lady at the window if it was too late, lol. It wasn't.

Once I ingested the givememytimscoffeeordie fix, we headed to the mall for some last minute Christmas shopping. Olivia ("Via psycho") began with a huge fit in LeSenza, and I noticed several glares pointed in my direction. Olivia came out screaming in this painful high pitched piercing way, and she has never outgrown the voice that is absolutely impossible to ignore. But if you think I am about to abort mission after all the work it is to get me and these three kids packed and bundled and off to town only to turn around and come home, you are sadly mistaken. So she screamed hysterically while I shopped and made my first purchase.

There must be something about a mom who is ready to abandon her children and run far far away, dropping the "F bomb" frequently along her way that makes people want to stop and talk to her. Not that this isn't a common phenomenon when pushing a triplet stroller full of offspring that greatly resembles triplets, but it sends of pheromones, attracting each and every curious woman in the mall, I swear it. I then stand there with a forced smile answering all the same old questions "No, they are not triplets", "Yes the girls are twins" "Yes my hands are full" "Yup, super happy I got a boy" "yes, we are all done" and the list drones on and on. And forgive me if I sound resentful, because I am not, generally, resentful about this at all. Its just that today I wanted to SELL my kids, give them away, abandon them, or even possibly pay someone to take them. I did NOT want to gush over their angelic blue eyes and so on and so forth. So I stared off on a spot in the distance and began the speed walk getoutofmyway and Ididntnoticeyoulooking walk only to have people GRAB the stroller or cut me off, forcing me into another of these awful conversations. My cheeks hurt from all that fake smiling. I could never be a politician.

Ben drained all the fuel out of our hot water tank in favour of go figure...winter fuel. So we are hoping our hot water issues are a thing of the past.

Until next time..

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