Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas is on its way

And I am going nuts shopping. I have managed to get most of it done, but still need to get stocking stuffers and buy for my sister in law and step Dad, Conrad (whom I have started, and have a good plan for the rest). Ben will be spoiled this year, as usual. But the kids, wow. I am managing to behave fairly well, but I know at least one grandparent who has gone nuts with Christmas gifts already. I am so excited about Christmas this year with the girls being old enough to be excited about gifts!

I actually made a gingerbread house with the girls a few days ago, but have already started to eat it, lol. I figure if its all gone in the next week or two, we can always make another. Olivia really loved helping make it. She sat on my lap, smooshing as much candy between her lips as she could get, but she genuinely enjoyed sticking it on the house as well. Svea enjoyed it for a few moments, but she isnt so much into candy, so it wasnt nearly as interesting to her.

Next is home decoration. I need to dig through the disaster of boxes in our freshly painted, but carpetless (due to the flood) basement. I am hope hope hoping it will be finished by Christmas, the playstation always gets its most use during that Christmas season, and I know (honestly aquired, I swear) that we got an electric fireplace for the basement as a gift. We use wood heat all winter, so the furnace doesnt kick on, leaving the basement chilly. This should help tremedously :)

Anyways, go check out this blog, she always has lots of cool crafts and baking ideas and regular give aways :)

Will post pics of the home decorations once completed. Hopefully the girls will enjoy it!

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