Thursday, December 18, 2008

There are moments in parenthood where you just know you werentcutoutforthis. And today, I experienced one of these profound moments.

While I dug through an entire drawer of socks with no matches looking for three teeny sized pairs, Olivia decided she had a craving for crackers and margerine. Conrad, who became tense and irritable at the mere sight of toast crumbs in his margerine, will never know which of my many margerine containers was the victim...

I turned around and both girls were feeding the dog their yogurts...right off their spoons.
Svea unrolled the entire roll of papertowel.
Hayden put his foot down about naps once and for all, and screamed frantically for 45 minutes before I gave in. Before you call me a bad mom for making him wait, I was in my time machine, back in the 1800s, boiling water to add to cold so I could wash my hair and do the dishes. Its been over 10 days since I had heat blowing from heat ducts in my home. I have both fire places raging at all times, and have taken to washing at my moms house. And the kids stink. And I am totally sick of talking about it. Just know, that I have no hot water or heat and its been hitting -30 or colder with great regularity at nightime here.
Tonight, I get to go skiing with my sister in law, Lee-Anne. Ben just phoned and told me to behave. I always behave, so I really am not sure what he is worried about.........

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