Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Classic QH Show

I am completely and totally exhausted, but had a great weekend away. Jag has been better behaved, but he had excuses and held his own. We won a Hunter under Saddle class every day and for the most part, that's all we showed him in.

Mom and I had a great time minus diaper duty, though during some quiet moments you could almost feel us wishing we had the children there. They sure would have loved that pool. Next year maybe the girls can come. Its a concrete jungle, that show and it would be difficult with really young children, for sure.

I really just wanted to share the pics....but something seems to be holding me up here. If they don't arrive, stay tuned for next time.

I have stuff that needs to be picked up from the border and am hoping my mom will take pity on me and grab them for me, LOL. I left the kids birth certificates and health cards with their daddy while we were its not an option for me.

Love you mommy :)

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