Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grabbing models when I can

This is Jessica, her daughter Bella, and her fiance Ryan. They were over for a visit (Bella and Hayden are dating) and I forced my camera on them while they were here. I couldnt help myself, have you SEEN them? I may have to force myself and my camera on them more often, it appears the camera likes them.
I was trying to get a family picture of them, but Hayden kept crawling into the shoot, hense the laughing and direction the family is looking in. I did eventually get a better shot, bit this remains my favourite.
And how gorgeous is this baby? She could not possibly get any prettier. Hayden is smitten.
Any other models out there wanting a free shoot, please let me know, I am ALWAYS in for a reason to shoot some more pics :)

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