Monday, October 20, 2008

DONT take my picture. Crap.

I thought I would try and get some cute Halloween pics of the kids today. I have said a million times, that Olivia does not like to have her pic taken, and I wasn't exaggerating. I actually stood there aiming the camera at her long enough that she peeked to see if I was still there. Caught her though, didn't I? lol. Brat.
Hayden is the easiest to photograph so far. He aint easy, don't get me wrong, but he cant run yet. You have just got to give him something to hang onto and voila, he will stay relatively still for a couple moments.
Svea is either in the mood for it and models, or gets out of there. Thing about her, is she moves like her dad....lightening speed.
The kids have been pooping lots lately. I don't mean quick little hard poops either. I mean like, 1/4 inch stink clay stuck to their bums so evenly and so thickly, that you cant see one tiny little iota of skin. It takes 400 wipes and a carpet full of shit (not to mention the entire child's outfit and your very compromised hands) to see skin. Hayden is very annoyed about this lately, he squirms and wiggles and grunts angrily the entire time you try to hold him. And until I had a boy, I had no idea how.....crevicey (for lack of a better word) balls actually are. I suppose until you have to wipe stink clay out of them, you would never notice. When Hayden was first born, I gingerly wiped at those areas, unsure of what amount of pressure was acceptable. I have since learned that apparently those things are far less sensitive than most men admit to, because I have flattened them like pancakes in attempt to clean them to an acceptable condition before re diapering and he has never said a word......
Learn new things every day huh?

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Liisa said...

Oh yea... read this one at work.. LOL.

Try to explain to the "male" "coworker"... what crevicey means?!!!!!!!! haha

You sure come up with it Kaija... make me giggle, hoot, and holler all while I'm supposed to be workin my butt off... haha..

Did I say "Thank You!!!!!"

Love ya!