Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I changed 6 diapers before 10:30 am this morning. Three of them were brown. I had no idea having children would be so incredibly glamorous. The girls announce their poopy bottoms now. MOMMY CA CA MOMMY!!!!!!!!!! BUM!!. Usually, we have outgrown the infamous and super subtle butt sniff around here now. Svea has this issue with you really getting her umm...clean down there, and locks her knees together with so much force, you gotta use both hands to pry em apart and then you have no hands left to do the cleaning. Olivia tries to grab everything in the diaper, so you frantically get her as clean as you can as fast as you can while removing the offending diaper as fast as you can before she grabs it as a second choice. Hayden screams in indignation at being held on his back like a turtle and tries to flip off of it as fast as he can. Let him, and he will pee on the carpet. And if he does, I will kneel in it. Its Murphy's law. Plus, his crap is like warm smelly clay, you gotta use half the box of wipes in order to even have a chance to get it off. He now gets daily baths. He is a stinky, smelly, dirty, all boy kinda kid. Gosh, I love that about him, lol.

I am on a roll with this photography thing. Only, I have few pics to show for it. I have become so picky about what I am willing to photograph, its ridiculous. I need to resume to my happy snappy old ways to a certain extent so I can post and share some pics with you. I hate to use the flash, so if its needed, I just don't bother. Give me a few months and you will be sick to death of seeing pics posted daily.

Gotta run, its way past my bedtime and I have a dinner and shopping date with my dear friend Kelly tomorrow that I am already excited about! Can ya tell I don't get out much? LOL.

Sweet dreams

Kaija xx


candice_armitage said...

oh darn and to think I'm missing out on the brown fun! lol

VĂ©ro said...

I love the post about poo!! It made me laugh.. I've had some bad poo days... Brian will come home from work and I'll tell him all about the poo incidents of that day!