Friday, October 17, 2008

Please excuse me while I take a hot screaming shower

So Hayden learned how to pull up while I was away at the Brandon QH Show. Now that he can do this, he prefers to practice at any available time. Like...nap time...and night time..and day time...and bath time.

Today he chose to forgo nap time in favour of practicing his new trick. Eventually I gave up on the nap (as I was about to shower) and chose to take him with me in the shower. Above, is the view I had of my very naked son, crashing my shower time. Of course, by the time I climbed out and grabbed my trusty camera, his screaming had stopped. But I now get to enjoy my hot shower kind of cold, with a screaming angrily baby who wants to be held while I try to soap my privates. Its a real blast.

Just thought I would share.

But he sure is cute, isn't he?



VĂ©ro said...

He certainly is cute! Today I grabbed a box of banana arrowroot cookies and looked at the box and said "Oh! Hayden is on the box!" lol the baby on the box reminds me of Hayden... except the box kid's eyes were not as cool as Hayden's!

candice_armitage said...

awww.... he sure is a handsome man.... can't wait to come home and see him and the rest of my cousins!