Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here she comes la la la lalalalala

Thought I would share a few more pics. Olivia is our little Diva, in case you haven't noticed. Svea cant wait to wear (or something like that) a bra, Hayden continues to be absolutely heart meltingly adorable, and Ben made it up for the first time on water skis. And one of those embarrassing nakey bum shots I can tease Svea with as she grows up.
Svea is just starting to talk in sentences now. She tells me to "leave door open" as she has recently acquired a fear of the dark. Olivia gets upset any time the baby touches any of the toys, even if she doesn't want to play with him. Hayden cheerfully grabs whatever he can get his grabby little hands on and I am positive I am in for it when this one gets mobile. We had a group bath today. Svea dumps water on Hayden's head and he gets mad. So he kicks Olivia in the back and she becomes enraged. I tell Svea to stop dumping water on his head, and she gets all emotional about hearing no. I gotta say, 3 kids screaming in the tub is like a horrible opera in an amphitheatre. It reaches an Octave I am sure the neighbourhood dogs on the next side road can hear. Only way I could make them stop was to agree to let them dump water on my head. So I sat there with Hayden peeing on my lap, Svea dumping water on my head, and Olivia slapping my face and giggling. It was...great. haha.
I think AF is coming (but I am not going through making all these periods red again, thankyouverymuch). I am horribly emotional and feel like I am at the end of my rope. My mother is enjoying herself in Vegas and Ben is at work, and that truly leaves me completely alone with the three musketeers. I put them to bed at 6:45 tonight. They went straight to sleep. I wonder if it makes me a bad mother if I cant hear them shouting for me in the morning until at least 9 because the air conditioner is running? I spose it would. Either way, I am moody, sensitive, crampy, emotional, overwhelmed and exhausted. So I suspect the nasty old witch is here any day.

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candice_armitage said...

YAY, my cousins are all georgous!! I can't wait to come home! YAY!!!