Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Every mother thinks her children are the most perfect, most wonderful, and most beautiful children to have ever graced this earth. I am no different. Only, this last picture of Svea has me questioning my theory at least slightly....since she had just rubbed ice cream and cake vigorously into her hair. Quite vigorously actually. And Svea has learned this new trick about being...charming. She does what she wants, ignores you while you shout out protests and commands and when she can tell she is starting to get you annoyed, she stops, turns toward you a bit and gifts you with one of the most cherubic, angelic and heart warming grins that will have you quivering in her hand like a bowl of jelly. Mission accomplished, since its impossible to stay genuinely annoyed after receiving "the look".

Olivia has her charm too. She giggles. Oh does this one giggle. She does it at night time even, as she encourages her twin to engage in nighttime communication through the wall that separates their cribs. And she practices this giggle in the mirror. She puts her hand over her mouth barely covering the wide toothy beautiful smile. Tilts her head slightly. She already has Ben wrapped snugly around her finger, and she is working on, practicing and perfecting the look she plans to use on me. Punctuated with a giggle. This child, when asked for a kiss, offers you either her cheek or her forehead, like royalty. She is sure that princesses don't kiss on the lips. Not even mine. Svea is not nearly as choosy about kissing. She has plenty to offer and likes to make a smacking sound right on your lips. She has learned however, to settle for Olivia's head in any general area, after several unfulfilled attempts at smooching her on the lips, as Liv is adamant that she will not be violated in this way. Princess princess. No idea where this comes from.

Hayden has also perfected his two toothed goofy little grin that will make you want another baby. I am freaking out about this one growing up. He is doing it so fast already. He is almost crawling. Olivia freaks out because now he can get himself around (mostly backward, mind you he has figured out how to sort of make circles as to get to the toys that appear, initially, to get further away from him the harder he tries to get them, if he circles around, they come back :)). He sleeps 13 hours a night undisturbed. Seriously. I was so freaked out about leaving him alone, I kept him in my room until 2 weeks ago. He is a big boy now. Wants his own space. Either way, I am glad to say he is now a charming, cheerful, beautiful and very busy bouncing baby boy. It seems his awful continual screaming days are a thing of the past. I almost dropped him in the shower the other day! Slippery wiggly little bugger that he is. I was busy soaping myself up with my one free arm and I guess when he became wet in the areas that had previously had been sort of "stuck" to me, he unstuck and fast like. I caught him at knee level. My heart just about burst out of my chest, and he was blissfully unaware that he had ever come close to danger at all. At that point I put him on the floor of the shower so I could finish my own washing without further danger to the innocent child. When I went to pick him up, I realized the reason the bottom of the shower was filling with water was because I had sat him right on the drain. Poor little bugger had little...floppy mushy parts pushing right into that drain. Good thing I lifted him up slowly and gingerly for fear of him slipping again.............

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