Monday, August 11, 2008

Deja Doo Doo

This Doo doo thing is gonna push me over the edge.

Last week we did away with day time Doo doo usage completely. It was a rough week initially, but we got it done. Then we went out of town for a weekender horse show and the girls regressed. Since my horse finds the sound of screaming babies rather offensive, we opted to give doo doos freely on the weekend. So Monday (today, ugh) marks the first day of being Doo dooless during the daytime since the weekend.

Olivia started the day with approximately 45 minutes of screaming non stop. She eventually got over it and didnt ask for her doo doo again all morning. Well, Svea, upon waking from her nap has begun (yes, present, I am writing right now to avoid other action, as the sound of these two girls pair screaming is currently eating my last nerve and I need some sort of outlet to keep my hands busy and my mind sane) screaming for her doo doo too. This screaming somehow triggered Olivia into regression and they are both frantically screaming for the damn things until their little faces are beet red. Oh yes, and I put Svea for a time out in her room after she threw the yogurt and fresh Saskatoon berries (Daddy had picked and left in fridge for us) at me, and when I went to check on her, she kicked me out of her room and slammed the door. LOL. I thought that was reserved for teenage behaviour. Svea is getting an early start, beginning her door slamming at a mere 26 months.

I do need to throw these things straight into the garbage. For all the difficulty they have caused for me. Unless I choose to join them. Please come over......... I am currently red faced, frantic, and am sucking on a doo doo.....which is truly somehow strangely calming.


I need a babyless vacation. Help.

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