Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Butterfwy kisses

The girls say everything I do lately. And well, that's not always such a good thing. But its great fun, because it means you can use them to relay messages. Like..."Daddy is stinky"...and well...other things too. They pick up little parts of sentences and repeat them over and over. They love to dance around in the kitchen in the morning and say "HOT coffee, HOT coffee". Lately I have been teaching them to say "oh nuts"...in replacement for the other word they say...which they also say for umm....fork, and frog. Lesson learned.
Since I forgot my playpen at the lake, Hayden had his very first sleepover in his own bedroom last night. I slept fairly well until 3:00 am when I woke and raced downstairs to watch him sleep comfortably in his own bed...and well...at 5:00 am too. And by 7:30, I was exhausted from straining to hear him from a few floors up. By 8:30 I couldn't take it any longer and went downstairs to check him. He was hanging loose in his crib, happy as a poopy pig (SEE, I am trying to clean up my language). "Poopy pig, poopy pig". I have to be very, very careful what I say out loud...I may hear it all-day-long. But yes, he slept over 12 hours with not a peep and has officially graduated to his own bedroom. I miss him. I thought I would never say it, but I am kind of freaked out about knowing I will never have another little baby sleeping in my room with me again. Unless that 2% chance inflicts itself on me. But we aren't gonna talk about that.
My body is old. I don't remember being sore from fun things like water skiing, or being pulled on a tube. But boy, do I hurt. My boobs hurt...or the muscles do that used to hold them up. My shoulders are in agony. My feet are bruised from the water ski's. I have rode my horsey two days running now, and just add some inner thigh and butt pain to the picture and pretty soon I am gonna need a cane. There is almost no muscles that don't scream in protest when I move. I guess its a good thing that my husband works out of town, cuz I cant take any more kinds of ummm...activity then I already have going on.
Ben says I must have 30 pictures of the girls for every day they have been alive. And I nodded politely knowing that its more like 50...each. Which is why if you see him, you should tell him I need a much bigger, better, and more expensive computer.
Well, its off to Emo for a horse show this weekend. Wish me luck.

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