Monday, January 18, 2010

Motherhood...hard enough to kill a man...made for a woman

Motherhood: Its not like you get to try it on for size, you know, and if you decide its not really for you, return it. Like if you get a puppy and decide you made a mistake, and you can rehome it, or bring it back to the pound. In fact, its not even socially acceptable to say..or type, unless you go ahead and put a lol beside it to infer you are cracking a joke. Its not for a man either, he would simply flop over and play dead if you were to put the same expectation the world has for you, onto him. Please dont get the idea if I could return my kids, like a litter of puppies, that I would choose to. I most certainly would not. But to be honest, I would definitely put in a loop hole in there somewhere, to allow myself to continue to be the SAME individual I once was, with hopes and dreams, free of guilt and with a blessing from my significant other. I guess what I think would help all us mothers is a getoutofjailfree card we could use at our convenience when necessary. Thank goodness my mother survived motherhood, because she is as close as I am gonna get to that fantasy gift card for the next few years and may well be the only thing that keeps me balancing on this side of the fence....

Oh look...its 10:30. I cant wait till I grow up and I can go to bed anytime I want, until then, hopefully I will manage to find the time to update my blog again before next year :)

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