Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Perfect for ME.

There is a new addition to our family. He is of the four legged sort. Chestnut, with two cute little socks behind. "Kash" is by One Hot Krymsun, who spells anything that sounds like "c" with a K. Such as it is, we changed his name from the former "Kool", because of the sheer number of "Cools" who have graced Tbay and area. His momma is by the great Zippo Pine Bar, which is fantastic, because when we set out to find our perfect horse, we really hoped to find something as closely related to him as we could. In our experience, we have loved the brains, and hoped to find one with a good one.

Anyways, Kash is a 4 year old gelding bred quite well and I really want to brag because of how much I am enjoying him. He is not perfect, far from it, God knows we cant afford anything even remotely close to perfection to go show Quarter Horse shows with. Perfect is completely relative anyways. Kool is perfect for me. I cant make any promises about going out and kicking anyones butt, however, I can aspire to go out and have fun trying. The thing I love most about horses is how there is no end to the learning, no end to attempting to access the full extent of your horses talent. I could ride for 100 years and never come close to knowing all there is to know. Kash will be long buried before I could ever have the opportunity to know how to ride him well enough to make him the absolute very best he can be. Thats what makes horses so exciting, chasing that dream. There you have it. I have my perfect horse and by God, I am gonna have fun chasing dreams with him.

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