Saturday, April 4, 2009

Because they are just so dang cute

Mothers always think their children are the cutest in the world. I am no exception. Habitually, I have this thing about always having a camera with me. They are rather tired of looking at the big black box that seems to constantly be dangling in front of their faces, and so, they quite refuse to look at it. Which I find particularily frustrating. And so, note that most of these pictures come with little eye contact, not from lack of work on my part either. But I am tired of people deciding that I am crazy based on the odd sounds and frantic motions I am making from behind the camera. I still do it, I just am kind of self conscious about it. Anyways, here are a recent few (ie today) of the rugrats. Notice Hayden is wearing pink? Yah. Real men wear pink.

Enjoy :)


candice_armitage said...

awww... my cousins are are so adorable :) I cant believe how big hayden is already!

Miss you guys!

Adi said...

My 2 yo never looks at the camera and I still make frantic movements and weird sounds too. You're not alone on the crazy train ;)