Friday, September 12, 2008

Kaija's learning curve

So I do love to take photos, but being GOOD at taking them, well that's another thing entirely. In the last few days I have been reading about ISO, aperture, shutter speeds, white light balance...and frankly, I am a little overwhelmed. But I didn't buy a dSLR camera to use as a point and shoot model, so I am stubbornly insistent on learning to use the things manual options. I like the creative kinds of photography. The Sears shots just kind of bore me, actually. And to be honest, the last shots I got from Sears I could have done better on my point an shoot camera. Nothing like paying through the nose for some pimply teenager to stand behind a big expensive camera, get you in the viewfinder and press the button.

So forgive me while I swamp my blog with photos. Some good, some bad. Some a lot of both.

I am unwilling to use the auto function on my camera, so most of these photos are taken on either manual, or AV, which chooses the appropriate shutter speed for the aperature you choose.

You can tell me to shut up if you want to, but I wont listen anyways.

The girls have decided that they want no part of my learning. The big black thing I always have in my hands is an annoying intrusion on their play and Olivia mumbles things like " no mumble mumble" while she turns away from me. Svea gets this sly little grin and takes off. Hayden thinks the lens is an intriguing object and therefore, will be the subject of many, many of my photos.

The pic of Olivia is way overexposed. I have no photoshop programs and am currently working on Ben to spend even more money on my newest expensive hobby. Mind you, even photoshop couldn't likely save that particular photo. And poor Svea, her face is one big shadow. Its a learning curve for me, but I think it was the high ISO I had set.
I love the boots. And they wont fit them for long. I spose next year will have to bring a couple of new pairs, wont it?

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candice_armitage said...

I love the boots picture... I have the absolute cutest stuff to scrapbook that picture with which I bought like two years ago knowing you would get those girls in cowgirl stuff sometime.... oh and i dont mind all your pictures cause it means more for me to scrapbook with :) I think they are all great :)