Thursday, January 15, 2009

Renaldo and Me

I wanted to share some different pictures today. Mainly of myself and my firstborn son, Renaldo. Renaldo filled the blanks while I waited to have children. I wanted to be sure I could keep a child like being alive for a year before actually having children. He bathes, he wears clothes, he sleeps in a bed, just like us. However, once the children were born, it suddenly occurred to me that I had the most high need dog in history for someone who lives in one of the coldest winter climates available. Renaldo keeps finding his way home again, lol, and here he is. In his glory. And I missed him so. I hope to dog share with my mom (since Ben hates him), that way I have company during the week when he is gone, and Ben shares his bed only with his wife when he is home. Good arrangement, no?
Poor Olivia has a killer cold and she looks like a wreck. If she still looks tomorrow like she has the last few days, I will post a picture. Until then, yay, I posted two days in a row!
I missed ski night due to the extreme temperatures. I am bitterly disappointed, but did however, get out to a movie with my mom (Bride Wars, since we like chick flicks). It was very cute. No brain power needed.

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