Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daddy is home

How pretty does my moms house look in this picture. I cant wait to bring the horses home to enjoy the beautiful "new" barn and fences! There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning and looking out the window to see your horses grazing right out your kitchen window. My mom and I, living next door to one another, both get to enjoy this phenomenon. If you don't have a horse, quick, go get one, they must be one of the most peaceful animals in the world to watch.

The girls are starting to get a sense of time. They say things like "I miss Daddy" and "Daddy's at work in bush now". They love when he is home. Olivia thinks daddy puts the stars in the sky at night, in fact, once daddy is home, I am just a bowl of cold oatmeal as far as she is concerned. I take that as a good sign. He has patience with them when I do not. Maybe its because I am the one worn out all week, maybe its just him, but he is the one who will dress these girls all up and take them outside to drag them around the house over and over again on their sleds while they giggle and laugh and teach them how they can slide down the snowbanks on their bottoms. Anyways, Daddy is home for an indefinite period of time again thanks to the failing forestry industry and the kids couldn't be happier. And if I am really honest, part of me is too. It sure feels different to parent children with two parents present and I am finally getting some much needed rest. Funny how the kids sleep through the night when he is home, the minute he steps out the door that seems to change lately.

My little miss prissy is always up to new tricks. Svea no longer naps. So we get a few hours daily where its just the two of us. She loves purses. The girls have these little stuffed giraffes and zebras where the legs and head can be removed, they are actually attached with little button magnets. Today she was carrying around a purse full of zebra and giraffe legs. Very serious like too. "Mommy, I have purse!". We have a bit of a routine now. If she helps me make my bed, she can hang in the big "comfy bed" and watch Treehouse while I shower. She then completely ruins the freshly made look by jumping and falling all over it while watching TV.

Hayden has learned if he is going to be the youngest boy child with two older sisters, he must fight for his place in the pecking order. He is easily as strong as the girls are, and because they consistently try to take every toy he has away from him, he understands that even if you don't want something, power means getting it away from the person who has it. So he will single mindedly attempt to steal anything he can from his sisters and screams in fury when they fight him in the age old tug a war. He is still at the bottom of the pecking order, but I am not sure for how long.

I am off to the ski hill tonight for some much needed relief from these three crazy toddlers. Need I say "What happens at the hill stays at the hill"? LOL. I know we are going to have a few extra guests this week that should be a very interesting mix.

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