Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kool Kool Krymsun

A while back I posted an entry about my new gelding I was incredibly excited to show. Unfortunately, it turned out he had a permanent, congenital problem that rendered him unable to stay sound enough to go show. I wont go on about my experience, but I will say that I will never buy a horse from Mark Harrell OR Lindsey Harrison again. Both of these people were aware of a problem with him (that apparently had been a problem since his yearling year when he was sold at the world show sale), but promoted that he was sane and sound and ready to go show. Not sure how long it will take for me to make it to the show ring again, but this experience has been profound enough to make me question my desire to continue showing horses in the AQHA all together. Mark Harrell did offer to do a trade, but when I got my new horse home, I have been disappointed to find that he will be unable to show until further notice as well. Mark Harrell then went on to resell the gelding named Kool Kool Krymsun with no mention of his known lameness problem. Very disappointing indeed.


jennifer said...

I am the current owner of this gelding...I would love for u to tell me more about the lameness issues u had with him. Thanks

Kaija said...

Well, starting in his right front, the vet told me after xrays that he has a congenital problem that causes lameness. His right front had been injected just prior to your purchase. When I had him he was so sore in the stifles that he would kick at you if you touched his stifle area at all. Angry about being tacked up. Hesitant to move foward. Always seemed to be taking a short stride when lunged, most noticable behind and most noticable to the left. The vet indicated that she believe his problems behind stemmed from his problems with his right front. He has a history of lameness problems I was able to trace back right to his yearling year. He is super minded, and I was devasted at his loss. I hope he is sound and remains that way for you. Good luck and take care.